DW red composite door installationWould you like to replace one or more of your home’s entrance doors?  Are you concerned that your door replacement project may require planning permission?

Have you already obtained planning permission to renovate your home but have decided that a different door style would better suit your property?

If this sounds like your situation, read on to find out more.

What plans can I change once planning permission has been granted?

If you are creating a new opening or widening an existing opening, then planning permission is normally required. You will need to seek building regulations approval to ensure that the work is done to the correct specification and standard. It is worth checking with your local authority before you start any home improvement work, including window and door upgrades.  Once you have obtained planning permission, in theory, your renovation designs should not be altered.  There is, however, some leeway.

Altering the style of your windows and doors post-planning-permission-approval is considered a non-material amendments.  Non-material amendments do not change the scale and dimensions of the renovations and are deemed acceptable by planning permission regulations.  The changes must adhere to certain criteria, however, and must be uncontroversial, in keeping with the original plans and have limited impact on the overall appearance of the property.  For example, you could change the glass design or hardware of an entrance door but not the material (i.e. uPVC to composite).
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How can I amend a planning permission approval?

Composite Door Installers West MidlandsTo make a non-material amendment to planning permission, there are several guidelines you must follow.  These are:

  • The expiration date of the original planning permission must not have passed
  • The alteration must not contradict any element of the original planning permission
  • The non-material amendment must be requested using a standardised form (available from your local authority)
  • The amendment must be approved by a Caseworker (usually within 28 days)

If a non-material amendment is deemed to be more significant than the standard criteria, you will be required to submit a minor material amendment application.  This will cost £170 and will create a new planning permission application.

High-class home improvements from DW Windows

At DW Windows, we have worked on many properties located in conservation areas.  Where planning permission is required, we can suggest tasteful options for your property upgrade which are in keeping with current legislation.  If you’re planning to improve your home and you’d like to find out more about whether planning permission will be required, we can offer you professional advice before you contact your local authority.

Call us on 0800 999 0909 or contact us online for more information regarding your home renovation options.

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