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If your conservatory was installed over 10 years ago, there’s a high chance that it was fitted with a polycarbonate roof. As time has proven, this doesn’t prove the best solution when wanting to use your conservatory all year round. The improved solution is often a tiled conservatory roof replacement, but do you need to acquire planning permission to make this change?

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory with a tiled roof?

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installers West MidlandsFirst thing’s first, no. Providing you meet certain measures, swapping out your existing conservatory’s existing glass or polycarbonate roof for a tiled roof replacement can be done without needing to file for planning permission.

Planning permission is only really required when starting to construct the initial uPVC or aluminium structure, only coming into play should the previous height of your extension be changed following tiled roof replacement completion.

Regardless of style, homeowners can enjoy the benefits brought by a DW Windows tiled roof replacement without any of the usual hassles that can arise with planning permission. We understand that these governmental statutes are put in place for safety, environmental, and conservation purposes, and are willing to work with local council authorities when required. However, we firmly believe that tiled roof replacements only require approval in the rarest of circumstances.

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How to avoid needing planning permission

If you’re a homeowner just starting on your conservatory venture, there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind when hoping to avoid planning permission that adheres to the government’s Planning Portal guidelines.

To avoid needing planning permission, your conservatory cannot:
Equinox Tiled Roofs in the West Midlands

  • Exceed over half the width of the main structure
  • Incorporate a veranda, balcony, or any type of raised platform
  • Be higher than the highest part of the property’s roof
  • Extend beyond the main property’s front or side elevation
  • Be higher than 4 metres if fitted onto the side of the home

Glass vs tiled conservatory roofs

 Benefits of a glass conservatory roof
 Benefits of a tiled conservatory roof
 Floods the space with natural light  Improved thermal efficiency
 Ideal for stargazing  Improved acoustics
 Heat & infrared-reflective qualities reduce energy bills  Low maintenance
 More energy efficient than polycarbonate  Reduces energy bills further
 Stronger than polycarbonate  Reduces the chances of damp & mould
 Lasts longer than polycarbonate  An effective defence against bad weather
 More acoustically sound than polycarbonate  Looks & feels more like an extension
 Self-cleaning possibilities  Modern, custom appearance
 An affordable option to tiles  Adds value and kerb appeal
 An affordable alternative to a new conservatory  Can last up to 50 years
 Can be used all year round

We sort your tiled conservatory roofs and advise on planning permission

At DW Windows, we fit only the finest tiled roofing solutions. Known as ‘Equinox’, they’re a multi-layered design which can help keep your extended living space looking stylish as well as insulating. It won’t be long before you’re enjoying a wholly relaxed lifestyle made possible due to a balanced year-round temperature, effective soundproofing, and A-rated efficiency. This can all be accomplished without the need to seek planning permission.

DW Windows: Simplifying the tiled roof replacement process

Opting for a tiled roof replacement needn’t be a stressful process, but rather, an exciting one when choosing DW Windows as your installer. If you’d like to learn more about the in and outs of planning permission or what goes into our tiled roof installations, get in touch with us to discuss things further.

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