uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

These windows are made from modern, robust and low maintenance uPVC frames with the latest high-performance glazing. Our sliding sash uPVC windows are widely customisable with a series of hardware types and sizes available.

Sliding sash windows have been popular in the UK for hundreds of years. This is due to their classic style and ability to enhance any home with a smooth and elegant performance. The only catch with traditional timber sliding sash windows is the maintenance fuss – and that is where DW Windows come in. Modern homeowners in the Midlands can now benefit from classically aesthetic sash windows, but without the simultaneous hassle that comes with repainting, sanding, or even replacing. The solution? uPVC sliding sash windows.

uPVC sliding sash windows from DW Windows are designed and installed with a key combination in mind – style and ease of maintenance. Unlike timber sliding sash windows, uPVC won’t warp, rot or corrode. This seriously reduces the amount of time spent maintaining them, leaving more time to relax and actually enjoy your home. uPVC sliding sash windows windows will last for decades without needing replacement. They won’t discolour either, meaning they will stay looking as good as new for years to come.

Superb aesthetics
Suitable for all homes - old and new
Effective ventilation
Highly secure and durable
Energy efficient, for reduced heating bills
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Sliding Sash uPVC Windows

Whether you live in a more traditional or contemporary home, sliding sash windows could be the finishing touch that your house desperately needs. They will maintain the character of older properties whilst helping modern ones to stand out – great news if you live on a road or estate where the houses all look similar.

Regardless of your type of home, sliding sash windows will add style, thermal performance and security. These factors make them a viable choice for window replacement, especially when they are installed by DW Windows’ team of experts.

  • Thermally Efficient
  • Slim Sightlines
  • Secure Design
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Thermally Efficient

A selection of our sliding sash windows fall under Liniar’s EnergyPlus scheme, meaning they offer impressive thermal performance. The thick glazing incorporated into all our sliding sash windows is designed to retain heat, preventing it from being wasted. By trapping heat, the lead free window frames make your heating go further, reducing utility bills and making for more comfortable living spaces without draughts or cold spots. By using less energy, you can also benefit from a reduced carbon footprint so that you can invest in your home and your environment with our uPVC sliding sash windows. 

The uPVC profiles have multiple hidden chambers that trap heat. Our sliding sash windows make the most of their materials to ensure they offer the best thermal comfort possible using modern technology. They can achieve an A+ energy rating and come with incredibly low U-values. Choose between double or triple glazing to suit your heating requirements, but know that no matter which choice you choose, any Wolverhampton or Midlands home can stay warm and cosy with these sliding sash windows.

Slim Sightlines

Not only can the uPVC frames of our sliding sash windows provide incredibly low maintenance requirements, but they also can be constructed much slimmer than traditional timber. Enjoy a sleeker, lighter window without losing out on any structural integrity, energy efficiency, or security, thanks to the durability of modern uPVC. The slimmer frames grant additional space for our highly efficient glazing, leading to a warmer and quieter home. The slim sightlines can flood your Wolverhampton home with more natural light while providing better views.

Secure Design

These sliding sash windows bring traditional style up to contemporary safety standards and are highly secure thanks to their multi-point locking systems. The robust hardware options, including bars, handles, and hinges, are all designed to maintain their shape and withstand tampering and sudden blows. Both the sculptured (curved) and chamfered (bevelled) uPVC frames can also stand strong against unwanted intrusions, bending, and intense weather conditions without letting in cold draughts or leaks. Even after years of exposure, their durable construction can allow them to open and close just as smoothly as the day of installation, with only minimal cleaning required.


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