Hello, I’m Dave Walters from DW Windows. I’m just trying to explain or simplify the difference between planning permission and building regulations. We get asked this all the time, it can be confusing and the more you look into it the more confusing it can get! Even if you speak to an architect or someone from the planning office, there are a lot of grey areas and sometimes it does need a site visit to ascertain whether you do or whether you don’t [require planning permission].

Definition of planning permission?

Basically speaking, planning permission is authorisation from your local council to ensure uniformity, i.e. that people aren’t just building whatever they want, so that communities remain at a certain standard. Obviously, it also reduces disputes because if you get permission in the correct manner and someone doesn’t like what you’ve built, but it’s been done through the right channels, then it’s perfectly fine. If you’ve got permission to built something and no-one complains beforehand, you can carry on and get it built.

There are two types [of planning permission]; full planning, which is where you have to get an architect involved, get drawings done, submit the plans – it can be expensive; £300-£400 for fees and also the architect’s fees as well. But, at the moment, there’s a neighbourhood consultation scheme which is also known as ‘the prior notification.’ Basically, this is a shortcut around full planning, where they’ve relaxed the laws a little bit for certain situations – I’ll come onto that in another video.

Definition of building regulations?

Building regulations are the standards and specifications to which the work has to be done. It takes into consideration the likes of:


  • construction methods
  • the materials used
  • energy efficiency
  • the footings
  • the insulation;

So, that’s the main two differences and I hope that makes a little bit of sense! I’ll come on to each subject into a little more detail on another occasion.

So, if you do need any more information you can give us a call on 0800 999 0909, you can look on our website or there’s also your local council planning portals.

Birmingham Council Planning Portal

Coventry Council Planning Portal

Dudley Council Planning Portal

Sandwell Council Planning Portal

Solihull Council Planning Portal

Walsall Council Planning Portal

Wolverhampton Council Planning Portal

Thanks for listening, take care!

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