uPVC Mock Sash Windows Wolverhampton

We can install our uPVC mock sash windows across the West Midlands, including Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Walsall, Stourbridge, Dudley, and the surrounding areas. Mock sash windows look as if they open like vertical sliding sashes. Instead, the windows open outwards like casement windows, which are far easier to maintain and use. Usually, the larger bottom glass sashes are completely fixed, with the top light having the opening function. This dummy sash on the bottom with a fixed pane means you can’t tell which windows open and which don’t – a factor that was far more common in historical times and which can give any modern home a touch of heritage style.

Our mock sash windows are designed to specifically imitate traditional sashes, with a ‘run-through’ sash horn in the frames. You can even choose ‘astragal’ or Georgian bars to give your new windows an authentic Georgian or Edwardian style. The extensive range of customisation options can allow our mock sash windows to suit any style of home, from contemporary to classic.

Hugely appealing traditional style
Ideal for those worried about security
Easier to use than standard sashes
Easy maintenance
Durable and high performance
Mock Sash Window Prices Wolverhampton
Mock Sash Windows Wolverhampton prices
Mock Sash Windows In Wolverhampton Prices
Wolverhampton Mock Sash Windows
Mock Sash Windows West Midlands
Mock Sash Window quotes West Midlands
Mock Sash Windows West Midlands

Modern Mock Sash Windows

Despite their superb style, our mock sash windows also offer impressive performance benefits for your home, mainly when installed by our expert window fitters. They are ideal for anyone concerned about the safety of standard sliding sashes (that leave larger openings). They are also easier to use, which is great news for the whole family.

Living spaces will also be more comfortable, thanks to the reduction of cold spots and draughts. Our mock sash windows are effective in keeping the heat inside your home, making for cosy spaces even in the height of winter.

  • Thermal Performance
  • Customisation Options
  • Secure Home Windows

Thermal Performance

All our mock sash windows come with highly energy efficient double glazing. By upgrading your Wolverhampton home’s windows, you could benefit from a warmer and more comfortable home. Their double glazing traps heat, letting you use fewer utilities to keep your property warm in the winter, potentially leading to reduced energy bills and an improved carbon footprint.

The thick double glazing also has the added use of muffling outside sounds, letting you enjoy increased privacy no matter where you live in Wolverhampton or the West Midlands. Sound insulation and energy efficiency are further enhanced by the hidden chambers within the uPVC frames, letting you get the most out of your windows.

Customisation Options

At DW Windows, we know there’s more to windows than its efficiency. Every home is unique and deserves its own aesthetic. That is why our mock sash windows are available in various sizes and configurations. We have an excellent collection of durable and vibrant colours to match your existing windows or doors better or create an entirely new look! Additionally, we can provide a range of glazing options, including adding astragal bars for that perfect finishing touch of authentic style. 

For even more of a classic look, we have woodgrain foils for our mock sash windows that mimic the look of traditional timber frames. Get all the modern benefits of uPVC, its strength, lightweight, and low maintenance without compromising on the heritage look that only wood provides.

Secure Home Windows

Mock sash windows can provide high levels of security, especially our uPVC mock sash windows, which come with lightweight yet robust frames that can withstand harsh weather and sudden blows. They include multi-point locking mechanisms and tough double or triple glazing to meet your preferred energy efficiency requirements. Compared to traditional sliding sash windows, uPVC mock sash windows can have a smaller opening while maintaining slim sightlines. Your Wolverhampton home can be flooded with more natural light without losing out on any durability or security. 

Additionally, uPVC mock sash windows can last for decades with only minimal maintenance requirements. Even after years of use, the uPVC frames can maintain their shape without cracking, warping, or splintering. Your home can remain safe with our mock sash windows long after installation, granting total peace of mind.

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