We at DW Windows have been serving homeowners throughout the West Midlands long enough to know that many properties aren’t using all of the available space to its full potential. You know the one; that entrance area at the back of your home often situated in or near your kitchen that seamlessly blurs a house’s inside and outdoor living spaces. Patio and French door options are still the most popular, but bi-fold doors have increasingly become a sleek, modern, and efficient option for the 21st century homeowner.

If you’re not quite sure how bi-fold doors work or what benefits they can offer, we’ve put together four reasons you should invest in bi-fold doors for your West Midlands home.

#1.    Create a sense of open plan living with bi-fold doors

Because bi-fold doors by their very nature boast incredibly slim sightlines, once installed they’ll give the impression that your home’s rear aperture has been transformed into almost a complete wall of glass. This helps contribute to a better sense of open plan living, because homeowners get to enjoy a space that feels and looks instantly like it’s less cluttered and obstructed. This is especially the case for aluminium bi-folding doors, as aluminium is an inherently strong material that can withstand larger amounts of glazing.

The result is an area towards the back of the home that no longer feels restricted, instead bleeding the openness of the environment outside directly into the inside space. Especially if you have a patio or a particularly large garden space, no longer will it feel as if the two areas are disconnected. Depending on the configurations, bi-folding doors can also be used to great effect on conservatories, orangeries or garden rooms too, and aren’t restricted to the back of your house

Bifold Doors in the Showroom


#2.    Enjoy far reaching views of your garden with bi-fold doors

For very similar reasons, the slim sightlines and generous amount of glazing utilised by bi-fold doors (compared to French and patio doors) help to provide homeowners with a full view of the garden. If, for some reason, you find that in the summer months you’re not being enticed outside, bi-fold doors work to resolve this issue by better tempting you. So often people talk about being “house proud”, but what about “garden proud”?

Bi-fold doors not only make the home feel bigger by drawing more of your garden or outside living area inside, but they encourage you to want to step outside in the first place. No longer will there be giant sightlines or chunky door frames separating you from your wonderful view with a sleek set of attractive bi-fold doors installed.

#3.    Larger levels of natural light entry with bi-fold doors

It should go without saying, but a larger glass surface area equates to creating even more angles for natural light to pass through your back door and into the home. Whereas French doors and sliding door sets can often darken the living space by blocking light, the slim aluminium frames or narrow sightlines of uPVC bi-fold doors ensure that your property can always be bathed in the sun’s rays – whether they’re open or close. Of course, at times you’ll want to control the light, but that’s easily solved through the use of slats or blinds.

If you can instinctively feel that your property regularly suffers from an overall dark and dingy feel, then you can instantly change that thanks to easier natural light entry with beautiful bi-fold doors. The more panels means more natural light entry, but the ideal level is entirely your choice. Don’t think that more glass means lower thermal efficiency either, it doesn’t. Our bi-folds come with the latest energy-efficient glazing to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round, and ultimately help reduce your energy bills too.

Aluminium Bifolds

#4.    Bi-fold doors that balance efficiency, security, and aesthetic beauty

Sometimes it’s easy to conflate with the natural openness that bi-fold doors bring with reduced efficiency or security, but it doesn’t need to be the case. You can give your property a more open plan feel without compromising warm and safety, largely because modern bi-folds are design and engineered so well with these factors in mind. Internal hardware such as toughened glass and multi-point locks, for example, come fitted as standard with all bi-fold doors fitted by DW Windows.

In terms of energy efficiency that helps to keep your home warm, our bi-fold doors are great at that too. When combined with high-performance double or even triple glazing, heat transfer between the inside and outside space is minimal, resulting in low U-values and a well balanced temperature. You’ll be able to enjoy glorious outside views from the warm inside of your home, even should levels outside severely drop.

Don’t want white? No problem, choose another colour. Modern bi-folds are available in a range of colours, with the most populr options including anthracite grey and several woodgrain effects.

Enjoy bi-fold doors that revitalise the back of the home with DW Windows

As you can probably tell, there’s much more to a high-quality set of bi-fold doors than their unique way of opening. Whether you want to drench your home in light, enjoy better views, and improve safety, installing a set of bi-folding doors is one of the best home improvements you can make.

At DW Windows, we’ve been installing bi-folds throughout the West Midlands since 2006, so if you live in Birmingham, Walsall, Telford, Sutton Coldfield, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Stourbridge or surrounding areas we’ve got you covered. Feel free to visit our showrooms or speak to one of our expert installers who will be happy to find the ideal bifold door configuration suitable for your needs. To find out, contact us for a free quote today using our online form.

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