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At DW Windows, we’re dedicated to providing high quality windows and doors, and the Profile 22 windows that we offer are another example of that dedication. With a wide range of colours, style variations, and hardware, these windows not only perform at a high level but are also capable of suiting the existing aesthetic of many homes.

The wide variety of styles that Optima Profile 22 windows can come in means that you can work with us to get your dream home improvement. Start your quote for our profile 22 windows now, or book a visit to our showroom to see our products in action before you purchase. We’d love to hear from you.

Simple and stylish – classic aesthetics
Suitable for all homes
Highly secure and energy efficient
Available in many colours
Easy to clean – say goodbye to hassle!
Profile 22 Windows
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Profile 22 Windows
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Installed & Fitted by Experts

These Profile 22 windows are approved by the British Standards Group, and we are FENSA-registered installers. You can have peace of mind when you choose us to install your Profile 22 windows. Whether you live within a heritage Dudley home or a new build, Profile 22 windows can be customised to fit the bill.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • High Security
  • Colours

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Our Optima Profile 22 windows are made from high quality uPVC, a modern material that is capable of maintaining its shape without warping or swelling from exposure to harsh weather conditions. Even after years of use, they can still look their best with minimal chores to keep them clean and fresh. The colours that are used are capable of resisting scratches and fading, so unlike timber windows, there’s no need to repaint them or varnish them!

To keep your Profile 22 windows clean, all it takes is some warm water, soap and a sponge to wipe away excess dirt or dust that may accumulate. Because of the slim sightlines, there is additional space for the highly efficient double glazing, and a thinner sash and frame means fewer nooks and crannies for grime to build up. They’ll be easy to clean and will help flood your Dudley home in natural light.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal Efficiency

All of our Profile 22 windows come with thermally efficient double glazing as standard. They are capable of reaching U-values as low as 1.2 W/m²K and have an A+ energy rating. This means that they can help to keep your Dudley home warm and comfortable even in the colder parts of the year. This is done via the double glazed panes and the 5 to 6 chambered frames, which prevent the internal heat from escaping.

Chambered frames have small pockets of air within them, which provides fantastic additional insulation against the cold. This difference will be even more noticeable if you have older windows that only have singular glazing.

By upgrading to our modern Profile 22 windows, you could even save on your energy bills as you rely less on gas or electricity to keep warm over the years. So not only will these windows be an excellent home enhancement, but they can also be a wise investment in your home that can raise its value. 

High Security

High Security

If you’re interested in improving your Dudley home’s security and safety, then the Profile 22 windows we offer are the right choice for you. The uPVC profile is made to be sleek yet durable and can survive hard blows without losing its rigid shape. Additionally, the contemporary multi-point locks are advanced and can ensure that your windows stay closed when introduced to unwanted visitors or harsh weather.

Double glazing is also much more challenging to break compared to singular glazing due to the thicker panes, making Profile 22 windows the perfect upgrade for older homes. But they offer more than just heat insulation and durability. Profile 22 windows are also capable of increasing the soundproofing of your home. This can lead to a quieter and more private property, with fewer interruptions from neighbours, great when paired with curtains, blinds, or obscuring glass. Not to mention, you can be louder without causing disturbances for those on the same street as you.



One of the best features of our Profile 22 windows is their ability to be customised to match your Dudley home’s existing style or help you create a whole new look! We have a massive variety of colours available, alongside a choice of hardware to get the perfect finishing touch.

We also have a selection of woodgrain foils available for homeowners looking to maintain that heritage timber look. These woodgrains come in bright shades like Irish oak or darker, moodier expressions such as Rosewood.

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