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With ultra-slim frames and clean lines, our panoramic bifold doors bring you the luxury of modern living. Bring a spacious and comfortable atmosphere to your home, with only minimal maintenance. Plus, they are available in a wide range of configurations and designs to fit virtually any space. So, you can turn your outside area or conservatory into a stunning centrepiece.

At DW Windows, we can offer bifold doors in a range of sizes, for any size aperture. You have the choice of stylish uPVC or slim aluminium frames, as well as a range of colour and customisation options. With endless possibilities, our multifold doors make rooms look bigger and living spaces more flexible.

Let vasts amounts of sunlight in
Impressive opening aperture
Highly secure and energy efficient
Available in many colours
Easy to use – ideal for whole family
Orangery with Bifold doors

Aluminium and uPVC bifold doors

Suitable for all budgets thanks to our finance plans, uPVC bifold doors are a maintenance-free, classic bifold option. Your home will benefit from outstanding, energy-efficient thermal performance when the doors are closed, and a versatile sociable space when open.

We only use top-of-the-range uPVC frames for our bifold doors. Incredibly strong and resistant to fading, our uPVC is available in a range of colours and woodgrain effects. However, for bifold doors at the peak of modernity, aluminium is a fantastic material. The beauty of aluminium is that its unbelievable strength lets hold larger glazing panels with even the slimmest frames. This results in slimmer sightlines than ever before, and stunning panoramic views of the outside world!

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White upvc bifold door exterior

What are bifold door sightlines?

Sightlines measure the distance between a bifold door’s leafs when they are stacked on top of each other. The term is also used for french doors and patio doors. Slimmer sightlines make for better views, and more light entering your home unobstructed.

As aluminium can support large panes of glass with such thin frames, they can support bifold doors with astoundingly slim sightlines. Blend the inside and outside like never before! With a new set of bifold doors, there’s nothing separating you from a wonderful view.

Bi-folds vs French doors – which ones should you choose?
Aluminium Bifold doors in the West Midlands

What are the benefits of bifold doors?

  • Available from a small 3 leaf to a large 7 leaf system
  • Choice of uPVC or aluminium frames
  • Enduring performance and easy to use
  • Contemporary frame colours including black, white and grey
  • Customisable door furniture
  • Highly secure and energy efficient

These are just a few things that make a set of bifold doors an amazing addition to any Black Country home!

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Energy-efficient bifold doors

Thanks to modern technology, our bifold doors offer impressive thermal performance. They will help to keep your living spaces warm by trapping heat inside. This is great news for when the temperatures drop outside, as you can still enjoy outside views!

Combined with high-performance double or triple glazing, your bifold doors will achieve incredibly low U-values! These measure the rate of thermal transmittance through a material. The lower the U-value, the more thermally efficient the glass. So, no more worrying about draughts! Bifold doors will help moderate your home’s temperature, reduce your energy bills and minimise your carbon footprint.

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Bifold doors in the West Midlands
Bifold doors in Wolverhampton

Secure bifold doors

Many people think bifold doors are less secure than a standard patio door because of the amount of glazing – but this isn’t the case.

Our bifold doors are manufactured with security in mind, including internal hardware, multi-point locking and toughened glass as standard. The frames are also extremely resistant to force, so the chances of breakage are minimal. You can be sure our bifolding doors are amongst the most robust out there, and will help keep your home safe.

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