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A tiled roof can be a beautiful thing! Stylish, practical, and weatherproof, if fitted and maintained correctly they’ve been known to keep residents safe and protected for as long as 50 years. Such a feat wouldn’t be possible, however, without the occasional clean or general TLC. But how do you go about doing so? Thankfully, we at DW Windows have put together five top tips you can use to get the best out of your tiled roof clean!

1. A durable uPVC roofline installation

They say that the best way to avoid any problem is to lay down the foundations needed to avoid it. That’s where a revitalised roofline fitted using uPVC can help, being the best defensive barrier against harsh weather conditions while simultaneously resulting in a tidy look. As any water trickles down, roofline replacements from DW Windows get to work providing effective drainage and leak protection to avoid any long-lasting future damage.

2. Pressure washing

Sometimes the simplest methods still represent the best, and this is absolutely the case with a classic pressure wash clean. We won’t go into the details of how to pressure wash your roof tiles as it’s fairly straightforward, but it’s worth noting that there are recommended nozzle types depending on your tiles. 1,200 to 1,500 psi is around the range you want to set your pressure washer to remove dirt and stains without risk of erosion.

3. Paint, sealant, and primers

As mentioned above, cleaning your roof’s tiles leaves a risk, though minimal, that they will be eroded. Tile coatings and paint gives your roof as a whole a clean and neat look, so it’s important to use sealant and primers to protect the tiles from dirt and moss infestation. This can be especially useful following a pressure wash when newly cleaned tiles are more prone to moisture and damage.

4. Chemical cleaning

Those serious about undertaking a tiled roof clean will want to do their research into chemical cleaning methods. While the process can be carried out by the homeowner, we’d always recommend the service of a professional roof cleaner who is already experienced with the sodium hydroxide-based products and protection equipment required. This method is much more environmentally-friendly.

5. Replacement tiles

Perhaps the most extreme method as far as clean tiled roofs are concerned, replacing your tiles all together might be the only course of action if your roof is too far gone. Moss, stains, and mildew all can build-up over time, upsetting the overall effectiveness and style of your tiled roof. In this instance, new roof slates are the only option along with a possible new roofline to avoid this happening again soon.

Keep your tiled roof in tip-top shape with DW Windows

With these top tips, you’ll almost certainly be on your way to futureproofing your tiled roof fro many tears to come. Id you’d like to gain more insight about the established processes, contact a member of the team today.

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