Installing double glazed windows is an investment that rewards homeowners with a multitude of attractive benefits. The unique design of double glazing works by using two layers of glass that are separated by a viscous argon-gas filled space. This extra space serves to trap in heat, which would otherwise be lost if there was only one pane of glass. Not only does this extra layer insulate in terms of heat, but it also reduces noise and enhances the security of your home. But how long can you rely on your double glazing to look after your family? Is it worth the investment?

The lifespan of double glazinguPVC Bay and Bow Windows

A double glazed window produced today has an expected lifespan of 25-30 years and often more if it is fitted in a location not subject to extreme weather, like the suburbs or the city. A double glazed window that does face exposed weather, like somewhere along the coast, has an expected lifespan of 20 years.

The integrity of a double glazed window is dependent on the quality and production of the double glazed sealed unit. The material and quality of the frame are obviously important, but if your sealed unit fails, then you lose all your double glazing insulation properties for your windows rendering them inefficient.

We are confident in our double glazed units that they will benefit homeowners for many happy years to come once installed, which is why our windows come with a 10 year product and work guarantee as standard.

Is it time to replace your old double glazing? 

Here are a few tell-tale signs it may be time to consider replacing your double glazing:

Your heating bills are creeping up

If you’ve noticed that your heating bills are creeping up it could a sign that your sealed double glazed units have failed, and heat is able to transfer easily through the panes of glass. This is usually a warning sign that your double glazing needs to be replaced.

There’s condensation in-between the panes, inside the double glazed unituPVC Casement Windows

The appearance of condensation between the panes of your double glazed unit indicates that the windows are not doing their job properly. The air-tight seal holding the insulating gas inside has failed, letting all of the insulating argon gas out. When this occurs, water vapour can get between the two panes.

This means your double glazing can collect moisture, which can lead to further damage to the window, whilst wasting drastic amounts of energy as you attempt to heat your home and replace the heat being lost. Double glazed windows should not be collecting condensation between the panes, and if you have condensation between your panes, you definitely need new windows.

Your windows are not as secure as they could be

Externally glazed windows have their beading strips situated on the outside of the frame. Beading strips are used to secure the double-glazed panes in place. If your windows are externally glazed, the glazing units can be removed from outside your home without breaking the glass first. This poses a security threat as intruders could easily break and enter. If your windows are externally glazed this could indicate that they are at least 15 to 20 years old and in need of replacing and updating.

When the beading strips are situated internally, this means that the glass unit is secured in place from inside your home. The glass simply cannot be removed from the outside without breaking it. Newer windows are internally glazed as standard which means you can expect maximum security for your family when you install your new windows with us.

You can hear a lot of noise from outside

Double glazing acts as insulation against temperature and sound. When your windows are closed, the outside noise should be reduced and muffled. If you are noticing more noise, the argon gas may have escaped from the failed sealed unit, reducing your insulation.

Water is leaking through your sealed double glazing units

If water is leaking in through your frame, the window’s weather seal may have failed. This can also indicate that the sealed unit has failed, meaning it will need to be replaced. If it is not the seal, the drainage section might be blocked.

Consider the option of triple glazing Flush Sash Window Interior

A third layer of glass can do great things for your home. With triple glazing, enjoy warmer rooms, more peace and quiet, and higher home security.

It is no wonder that triple glazing is the standard in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, used as a solution to combat heat loss from homes in cold winters. Realising the potential for improving the comfort of UK homes too, triple glazing made an appearance a few years ago – and is available for your Midlands home from the experts here at DW Windows.

Invest in new double glazing from DW Windows

DW Windows don’t just offer double and triple glazed windows. We also offer a wide variety of high-quality home improvement products including doors and glazed extensions. We have a passion for providing outstanding customer service and improving homes throughout the region.

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