A house is one of the most important, and expensive, things that a person could own and, because of that, homeowners are constantly looking for the next way they can improve their home. To help you make your home the best it can be we have put together some of our favourite, budget-conscious home improvements!

A lick of paint

Is your home stuck in the past? A few years ago, it was trendy for rooms to be painted in neutral, beige tones. Nowadays, however, trendsetters are gravitating towards minimalist decoration that is popular in Scandinavian countries. Painting your walls white is a great way to make a tired room feel modern. There’s no need to stop at just your walls too! Upcycling old furniture with white paint will help make your space feel more light and welcoming!

Looking for inspiration? We have put together a Pinterest board that has loads of ideas for a minimally designed space!

Update your entrance doorblack door

Your front door is the very first impression your door makes, so make sure that it is a good one!

Imagine this: You invite friends over to have a dinner party. You have spent your whole day decorating, tidying, and making an amazing feast. You are ready to impress! Then, as your guests arrive, your friends are greeted by an old, dirty front door. All your effort has gone to waste!

We install all kinds of entrance doors, from modern composite doors to quirky and traditional stable doors. With a range of materials available, including uPVC and Composite doors, there is sure to be an entrance door available that suits your home’s needs. Updating your door is as easy as speaking to one of our expert team members and letting us do the hard work!

Bring nature into your home

Is your home feeling unwelcoming? Adding greenery to your home, both inside and outside, can help transform your space into a cosy and relaxing environment. Adding a lovely pop of colour to your garden is easy planting a few primroses, sunflowers, and hydrangeas or, if you lack space, simply plant a few herbs in small pots. Not only will they smell amazing, but they can be used in cooking! Delicious!

Bringing plants inside is a great way to bring life into even the drabbest of rooms. On our Pinterest, we’ve put together a handy collection of some of our favourite indoor plants, as well as some of the most interesting plant pots and vases!

Building Work - DW Windows LtdUpdate your windows

Your windows are one of the most important parts of your home. When a window is faulty it can drastically impact your home’s warmth and energy consumption. With the new windows installed, you will notice that your home will be dramatically more comfortable. Say goodbye to cold draughts and say hello to cosy nights in!

Some homeowners are anxious when updating their windows. Is it possible to update your windows without compromising your home’s traditional style? Thanks to the Residence Collection you can enjoy high-performance windows with a timber style effect. The frames are incredibly durable so you can be confident that your home is secure!

Extend your space with a conservatory

2020 has been the year that many homeowners have realised that their homes need more space! Conservatories and orangeries are designed to stylishly maximise your home’s space.

Whether you’re in need of a home office, or your kids want a new play area, a conservatory could be the perfect choice for you! We have lots of styles of conservatories available, from the spacious and grandiose gable conservatory to the clean and efficient lean-to style.

Transform your conservatory’s roof!Equinox Tiled Roof Installer - High Quality Conservatory Roofs

So, you had a conservatory installed several years ago, maybe even over a decade ago! Over time, you have noticed that your conservatory is not as comfortable as you want it to be. Maybe it is unbearably hot in the summer or freezing cold in the winter. If this sounds like you then a replacement tiled roof could solve your problems!

Unlike a traditional conservatory roof, which is usually polycarbonate, a tiled roof will help keep heat in, stop harsh sunlight, and limit the racket caused by rainfall. All these benefits can help transform your dated, uncomfortable conservatory into a comfortable space throughout the year.

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