Distinctive red brick homes are an iconic staple of British architecture that rose to favour in the 1880s to the early 1900s, inspired by English and Dutch Renaissance styles. Back then, red brick homes were often finished with white timber windows, doors, and porches. However, as time has passed, homeowners have experimented with a variety of coloured windows for their red brick homes. Keep reading to find out what colour windows will best suit your red brick West Midlands home.

How will I know which colour windows will go with my red brick home?

Although classic white windows are still the most popular window for red brick homes, there are definitely other colours to consider that will work just as well, or maybe even better!

Generally speaking, grey or dark colours work well with light red brick, and black and other dark shades often work well in contemporary homes, or homes with light-coloured render. This is just a recommendation, of course, and you should experiment and consider lots of possible colour combinations to see which ones best suit your own personal tastes, as well as provide your home with curb appeal.

uPVC Casement Window Installers

Cream and beige-coloured windows on dark red brick homes

Cream and beige shades can work in harmony with dark red brick homes as the soft and neutral tones create a welcomed contrast against the rich coloured brick. Whereas white can sometimes look a little stark, depending on the shade of red your bricks, cream windows offer a more subtle contrast.

Modern and contemporary grey windows to complement light red brick homes

Another choice that works particularly well for windows against light red brick houses is the use of shades of grey. Colours such as Slate Grey or Anthracite Grey are darker than light red bricks which really makes the red tones in your brickwork stand out and look their best.

Woodgrain effect uPVC windows for red brick homes across Wolverhampton and beyond

Natural, rustic, and warming, wooden textures instil a homely and cosy feel to the outside of your home. Rosewood & Golden Oak wood effect uPVC windows look great on light red brick homes as the warm tones complement each other and create a coherent and welcoming aesthetic from top to bottom.

The Residence Collection has revolutionised the uPVC timber effect market like no other. Offering four fantastic timber alternative window styles from listed to heritage and contemporary to new build properties; the Residence Collection have a personalised window style to suit all requirements and tastes.

Residence 9 timber effect Flush Sash window

Natural green-toned windows to enhance red brick homes in Birmingham and beyond

If you’re after something a little different to the norm, but still fairly natural, you could consider going green with a shade such as Chartwell Green. This specific shade of green is a great colour choice for your windows if you are looking for something that is not too bold, but you’d still like to add a little colour to create interest and charm. Chartwell Green suits a variety of homes but looks particularly good on older, period-style properties like cottages.

What window material can I have for my red brick home?

As well as deciding on the right colour windows for your home, it’s also worth knowing what materials are available. Here at DW Windows, we offer a range of uPVC windows to suit your home, and your own personal taste, with popular styles such as casement, sliding sash, and flush sash. Our windows are cost-effective solutions for homes old and new across Wolverhampton and the surrounding towns and villages.

We also offer seamless and frameless Apeer Lumi windows. Triple-glazed and made using a robust glass-fibre profile, Lumi windows are a new concept in window design. On the exterior, the window frames are integrated into the glazing, creating a completely flat and uninterrupted glass surface. This induces a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that would look highly effective placed in a red brick home.

A selection of uPVC windows to suit red brick homes across Wolverhampton, Birmingham and beyond

DW Windows have provided homes across the West Midlands with a range of stunning home improvement products for over two decades. For more information, please call us on 0800 999 0909, or contact us online.

Our friendly team is on hand to answer any further questions you may have on our selection of windows.

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