Across Wolverhampton and the West Midlands, we’ve installed countless bifold doors for all styles of property. They’ve always been an in-demand product, due to their stunning concertina-effect folding mechanism, and their ability to flood a home with natural light. But in recent years, black bifold doors have sky-rocketed in popularity. Capturing homeowners’ imaginations, their slick, subtle style is just one reason why black bifold doors are so popular right now.

Black bifold doors work with both modern and traditional homes

Bifold Door InstallersUndoubtedly, black is one of the most timeless colours there is. Depending on the shade, black can be both a bold and neutral colour. This makes it ideal for both new builds and more traditional, rural properties. Perhaps this is why black bifold doors have been equally popular for the Victorian properties in Dudley as they have been for the modern homes in Walsall.

Black suits any frame material

One of the most versatile colours, black suits both uPVC and aluminium frames. Furthermore, our black bifold doors accommodate for a range of beautiful woodgrain-effect finishes, giving the doors all the traditional aesthetics of real timber, with the low maintenance of more modern materials.

Black aluminium frames

Aluminium is the strongest window or door frame material. This makes it the best material for supporting large panes of glass. It can support the glass of bifold doors with only minimal frame width. Black is the perfect colour for enhancing the aesthetics of these slim frames. In its boldest shades, choosing black for aluminium bifold doors creates an unbelievably sleek effect that magnifies the slim sightlines of the door.

Black bifold doors create contrast

One of the main selling points of bifold doors is how bright they make your home. With up to 7 door panels, they let in an extraordinary amount of natural light. The darkness of black doorframes, therefore, creates a striking contrast. So, black bifold doors offer you amazing views, perfectly framed by slick black borders. This is a big reason why homeowners in Wolverhampton have continued to enjoy this stunning home improvement product.

Black bifold doors are low maintenance

As with all our door colours at DW Windows, our black door frames exhibit great resistance to fading and weather damage. As a darker shade, it’s also far less likely that dirt will show up on the exterior of the frames. If it does, all that’s required is a quick wipe-down with soapy water.

Across the West Midlands, homeowners have fallen in love with the beautiful aesthetics and minimal maintenance of black bifold doors.

Black bifold doors across Wolverhampton, Birmingham and beyond

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