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Since the early Victorian period, us Brits have acquired a taste for the wooden window frame. It’s easy to see why. Natural, insulating, and staggeringly beautiful when fitted into a classic-style home, they were thought of as the complete package. Now however, we at DW Windows believe Residence Collection windows to be this sentiment perfected. Being a system that expertly balances the benefits of both uPVC and timber.

The beauty of timber with the performance of modern uPVC

As we just alluded, the speciality of Residence Collection windows is their ability to pull from the positives of uPVC and timber. Engineered in high-performance uPVC, every frame – whether using the R², R7, R8, or R9 system – makes use of multi-chambered internal profile, a design element which goes a long way to match the insulating features of traditional timber. Only now, there’s never any risk of rot, damp, or infestation. Residence Collection windows also never need much looking after.

What’s more, their state of the art design means that they successfully evoke the classic stylings of timber, right down to the finest detail. They can be fitted in either a flush or stormproof fashion for example, with the added detail of Georgian bars if homeowners deem it suitable. All this is accomplished to remain indistinguishable when compared to true timber, infused with an impressive energy rating of A++20.

The most indistinguishable timber effect windows on the market

When we say that the classical aesthetics offered by Residence is unrivalled, we really mean it, acting as the best choice for those lucky enough to reside in a traditional property. Equally, if you’re a homeowner living in a contemporary property looking to add a splash of elegance, look no further. Heritage colours like No. 10 Black, Cotswold Green and English Oak help to complete the authentic package.

Easy to look after with low-maintenance sensibilities

Whereas the original wooden windows of old would require regular varnishing and cleaning to stay looking as good as the day they were installed, Residence Collection windows make this maintenance a thing of the past. All they need is the occasional cloth wipe down should ever they become dirtied, being the perfect window addition for any busy homeowner.

The best of both worlds with Residence Collection windows from DW

So if you’re in need of new high-performance windows and want to get the most from them without the need to devote a lot of time, Residence Collection Windows are the perfect touch. For more information, call us today on 0800 999 09 09 or send us an online message today.

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