As with any home improvement, we understand that door security is paramount when deciding on a replacement solution. We all want to protect our homes and families, especially at this time of year as the festive season approaches and the dark nights draw in. If you are looking for a uniquely stylish and ultra-secure new door, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn a stable door could be the solution for you. Despite misconceptions, stable doors offer the same levels of unparalleled security as any of our other door products.

What is a stable door?

Our composite stable doors offer a flexible opening that is split in two, so you can choose to open just the top half of the door or open the entire door fully. Just like our other composite doors, our stable doors offer unmatched style whilst improving security.

Composite doors are well known for their remarkable levels of energy efficiency, preventing the escape of heat thanks to a multi-layered internal composition that surrounds a high security, reinforced, energy-efficient core. It’s this intelligent and robust composition that gives the composite door its unparalleled strength, securing your home and giving you peace of mind.

The history of stable doors

Once upon a time, stable doors were designed to be used as the back door to farmhouses. It wouldn’t be unusual for farm animals to roam free outside the house, so the stable door was designed to allow ventilation whilst keeping the animals out. These doors were inspired by the doors to stables that keep horses and other animals. The half opening function allows good air circulation and allows horses to stand at the door with a view of everything that is going on.

What are the security benefits of stable doors?

Due to the unique dual opening of stable doors, it is easy to assume they may be less secure than a traditional door, but this could not be further from the truth. Here’s what makes our composite stable doors so secure:

  • Rockdoor stable doors are fitted with advanced hinges that are horizontally and vertically adjustable so that your door opens and perfectly closes every time for ultimate security and peace of mind.
  • Secure S-Glaze technology locks the glazing into place within the door, meaning there is no way draughts can enter, and no way would-be intruders can remove the glass panels and break in.
  • Our stable doors come with a strengthening steel mesh option available that makes the door sash 4 times stronger.
  • Studies have shown that a Rockdoor composite door is 35% stronger than typical GRP doors.
  • The bottom half of the door contains an advanced and near impenetrable hook and deadbolt that is operated only by using your key.
  • Our stable doors feature Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinder locks as standard that features anti-force, snap, and drill technology.
  • Homeowners can add further security with extras including hooks, security chains, night latches & laminated glass.

Red Stable Door

Is a stable door right for my West Midlands home?

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, a composite stable door from DW Windows can give the front or back of your home a touch of classic personality and unique charm. Enjoy all of the benefits of an ultra-secure composite door, with the added functionality of dual opening technology. There is no doubt you will benefit from added ventilation, far-reaching garden views, and stylish versatility when you improve your West Midlands home with a stable door.

For more information on how a composite stable door can transform your home, give us a call on 01902 661779 or contact us online.

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