Make sure your home is winter ready in 5 simple steps

In the same way a certain medieval Sean Bean might urge his fellow comrades that the chill is about to set in, we at DW Windows equally like to help our customers prepare for when “Winter is coming”. With our high quality selection of windows, doors, and conservatories we can assure that every West Midlands home is ready, but taking this sentiment further are our 5 simple steps.

From valued draught-proofing techniques to replacement windows West Midlands properties can expertly use to their advantage, here’s a few ways to winterproof your home before the snow settles.

1. Replacement windows West Midlands properties shouldn’t be without

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that most cases of poor energy efficiency and heat retention can be solved by simply swapping out your existing windows for some watertight replacements. We at DW Windows specialise in offering replacement windows West Midlands homeowners wonder how they coped without previously, with every unit capable of achieving energy levels as high as A+13.

2. Wall insulation to give heat a tougher time escaping

Though a large investment, the simple act of insulating your property’s walls are in many ways invaluable. A sure-fire method of keeping your home warm and cosy when Jack Frost begins to nip at your nose, insulation can benefit buildings that boast either cavity or solid walls. Depending on which of the two categories your house falls into will depend on how much money you stand to save on energy bills, but as much as £260 a year can be saved with sufficient wall insulation.

3. Consider a new boiler to replace your outdated original

When looking for more efficient ways to heat the home this forthcoming Winter, ask yourself the question: “When was the last time I got a new boiler?”. If the answer is never, it might be worth doing something about that. Contemporary boiler units are way more efficient than older models, making it likely that if yours is over 10 years old, you could be spending too much when heating the home. Saving potential varies from home to home, but in general the margin is worth the initial investment.

4. Draught-proof to prevent heat leaks

While very window and door installed by the DW Windows team is guaranteed to come watertight, extra draught-proofing is still an underused tactic. It helps that this method is by far one of the most cost-effective methods of retaining warmth and improving energy efficiency, sealing unwanted gaps to control ventilation and therefore reduce damp and condensation.

5. Upgrade your property’s heating controls

Technology integration is an encroaching phenomenon that’s playing a more important role in home improvement every day. While you’d be forgiven for thinking that such practices were exclusively used to enhance security, certain systems can be used to better control energy efficiency levels. Room thermostats are a simple yet ideally appreciated bit of tech that will allow you to set the heating on and off at specific times of the day. No energy will be wasted.

Be prepared for the chilly holiday season this 2017 with DW

The truth is, despite Winter just being around the corner, there’s never a bad time to think about improving your home’s thermal retention ability. Once implemented costs will be lowered, the atmosphere improved, and perhaps most importantly, energy will be saved. For more information, call DW Windows today on 0800 999 0909 or send us an online message.

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