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If you’re someone lucky enough to live in a classic or classically-styled British property, there’s a high chance that you’re currently still making use of wooden windows. In terms of style and elegance this is a good thing, but window innovations and designs have come on leaps and bounds since the time of the 19th century. This is where DW Windows can come in, offering homeowners modern window installations that maintain the traditional aesthetic but a suite of modern advantages.

How are we able to do this and why is this a step worth taking? Let’s find out:

Improved thermal retention & security, same classic style

Upgrading to uPVC windows is an invaluable and appreciated process in terms of overhauling your property’s overall sense of comfort. The uPVC frames improve over timber due to internal multi-chamber integration, which works better to trap the natural heat generated in the home, therefore lowering energy costs and making warmth less likely to filter outwards.

Also integrating the latest security hardware and locking mechanisms to result in the ultimate peace of mind, uPVC windows improve tenfold over their traditional timber counterpart. All this is achieved while still retaining the same classic style best-suited to your period property, and following installation, you’ll soon wonder how you coped beforehand.

Easier to look after but just as attractive

For all the joys that timber windows bring, one of the historical drawbacks has always been the vast amounts of maintenance required to keep them looking naturally beautiful. Especially if you’re someone who prefers the “set and forget” mentality with regards to home improvement, nowadays there’s no need for frequent painting and varnishing thanks to the onset of uPVC windows.

What’s more, there’s no risk of sacrificing your property’s classic style in favour of low-maintenance qualities, thanks to the various woodgrain foils and timber-effect uPVC frames. Practices such as this allows you and your home to retain the natural warmth a wooden aesthetic gives off, but without the need for you to devote lots of time and effort.

Multiple traditional window options to suit your period home

There are various window designs best-suited to period properties. Styles such as sliding sash, flush sash, bay, and bow windows all were made popular from the Victorian period onwards, and for those desiring the traditional casement style, systems like Residence act as the most sensible solution. The most convincing timber-effect uPVC system on the market, we supply R², R7, R8, R9 to suit all occasions and home styles.

21st century living with 19th century windows from DW

There’s simply no need to sacrifice comfort, security, or performance over traditional style when opting for a window installation service from DW Windows. For more information on how to enjoy the best of both worlds, feel free to contact us today on 0800 999 0909 or send us an online message.

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