Offering a more traditional and Victorian-inspired aesthetic, bay and bow windows have the ability to infuse dynamic decorative details like no other, creating eye-catching curvature to the outside of your home, whilst creating more space and opening up your living area inside. At first glance, bay and bow windows can look very similar, so we’ve put together this guide to highlight the differences between these two stunning window styles.

What is a bay window?

Bay windows are a specific window style that protrudes from the wall of a property, with the brick wall below the window being the same shape as the window so, therefore, supporting the weight of the window itself. This configuration will create a bright and airy atmosphere inside of your home, letting in much more light than a normal singular window and create more useable floor space, retaining the traditional aesthetics commonly found on Victoriana and Edwardian homes. The creation of a bay window will normally require planning permission and building regulations as it will involve a structural alteration to the property.

Bay Window

Example of a bay window

What is a bow window?

Bow windows let in much more natural light than a singular flat window would do. With their semi-circular configuration, they effortlessly complement older properties. The angular design provides sleek lines that will add a modern touch to any style of property, you’ll improve the view of your home’s outdoors, brightening the interior at the same time. Unlike bay windows the brickwork under a bow window is flat. It is a much easier job to convert a flat window into a bow window and here at DW Windows, this could normally be completed in 1 day without the need for any structural work, planning permission, or building regulations, making it a much more cost-effective way to add character and kerb appeal to your home.

Bay and Bow Windows near Birmingham

Example of a bow window

Bay or bow windows: which style should you choose?

If you’re looking for a replacement window option that will open the room and let more light in, bay and bow windows are both popular styles. But which style would suit your home more? The decision is really down to you, depending on the style of your property and your budget. Bays and bows can be made up of as many sections (sides) as you wish anything from 2 sides up to 10 or 12 sides on larger properties.

Bay and bow windows from DW

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