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Though some might not care to admit it, Christmas is creeping ever closer, and we’d forgive you for not quite having everything ready just yet. In fact, those still looking for the best way to enjoy Christmas Day needn’t worry when you have an insulating conservatory space to spend it in. It’s here where you’ll be able to enjoy the many festive sights Winter fondly brings, being the perfect backdrop to tuck into your Turkey and enjoy British telly’s seasonal specials.

If this is something that appeals to you, DW Windows are here to help you get your conservatory set in time. Here’s our favourite festive ideas for decorating your extended living space:

Luxury fancy dinner with red wine

Make your conservatory’s table an eye-grabbing Christmas centrepiece

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll no doubt feature a dining table somewhere in your conservatory, possibly saved for special occasions when the whole family want to eat together. The dining table is a great starting point for decorating the wider space festively, often drawing the eye whenever somebody enters.

Luckily, there are various Christmas trinkets and accessories for conservatories West Midlands homeowners can utilise, including ornate dining chair bows, table runners that make use of holly patterns, and of course some decorative crackers. Top this all off with a festive reef and suddenly there’s no denying your conservatory will sport a Christmas motif.

Artificial snow blankets that help set a Wintery mood

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Some might scoff at the thought of “fake snow”, quite rightly regarded as messy, a nightmare to clean up, and nowhere near as good as the real thing. Thankfully that’s not what we’re suggesting. Much more efficient than the polystyrene balls of old, artificial snow blankets laid in and around your conservatory lets homeowners more easily enjoy the snow-draped aesthetic, all without any of the chill.

We’d recommend using the soft fluffy carpet-like material as a background to any present Christmas ornaments and products, being the best manner to create a Wintery scene indoors. The best part is that when all is said and done, the artificial snow blankets can simply be rolled away without any hassle or fuss – a Christmas touch for the fun but forward-thinking household.

Additional festive touches sporadically placed throughout

Short of frosted glazing, easy-peel stickers can be applied to your conservatory’s glass surrounds to give the impression of chilled morning, even if the weather hasn’t quite managed it naturally. Most people often underestimate the effect festive candles can have too, being the best way to add the many scents and smells of the holiday period while the Turkey isn’t quite cooking yet. We’d recommend red berries, cinnamon, or chocolate, and as a nice side-effect you also get the natural glow of candle light.

Enjoy a conservatory Christmas with help from DW Windows

Christmas in your conservatory just got a little bit better we’d like to think. To learn more about how to best decorate the space or to enquire about all your window, door, and conservatory needs, contact the DW Windows team today on 0800 999 0909 or send us an online message.

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