For years, those lucky enough to reside in a period property have been prevented from fully embracing their household, largely due to the entrance. Even in 2017, most still exhibit original timber doors, which look amazingly authentic and vintage, but struggle to deliver the levels of comfort and security 21st century homeowners expect.

Modern engineering and design techniques have thankfully resolved this issue, with the advent of high-performance yet wildly attractive composite doors. A much-appreciated alternative entrance solution that’s ideal to tie in with the more classically-inclined home, composite doors from the DW Windows range are the full package. Let’s analyse more as to why:


Coloured Composite Entrance Doors

Though available in a range of different panel designs and colour tones, all composite doors provide a woodgrain texture aesthetic thanks to their multi-layered construction. Simply put, they look like timber, but are in fact engineered using a mixture of high-performance materials. The true look and feel of wooden doors is successfully replicated, being indistinguishable from the genuine article for most passers-by.

Composite doors not only re-create, but improve the amount of customisation possible within a front entrance door. Authentic woodgrain tones such as Oak and Rosewood can be applied if desired, but more contemporary shades like Aubergine, Red, and Royal Blue are also available. Such shades were previously not possible with original wooden doors, but composites provide the means to let home creativity flourish.


It used to be, to enjoy beautiful look of timber you’d need to pay a high price. Not only at the initial point of purchase, but in terms of the ongoing maintenance required to keep the panels looking good. Varnishing, repainting, and in some cases even sanding can eventually add up to a pretty penny. So, it’s ideal that while composite doors are viewed as a premium choice on the market, they represent a valuable long-term investment financially.

Energy efficiency

Composite Front Door Installers

Historical wooden doors were notorious for providing homes with poor energy efficiency. Though a naturally-insulating material, sub-par installations meant that their panels were prone to cracking, rotting, and rattling, but with a high-performance composite door this is no longer the case. Composite doors are renowned for the impressive levels of energy efficiency they provide, preventing the escape of heat thanks to a multi-layered internal makeup which surrounds a solid core.

Authentic design without the authentic drawbacks

Hopefully that’s helped clear up just as to why in the battle of Composite and wooden doors, the former has the latter beat every time. For more information on why a composite door is worth considering, contact DW Windows today on 0800 999 0909 or via online message.

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