uPVC windows have undergone a bit of a weird reputation cycle here in the UK. It used to be that they were the greatest thing since sliced bread when they were initially experienced a boom throughout the 1980s, then they wrongfully were dubbed “cheap” with the advent of aluminium. But nowadays uPVC has come on leaps and bounds in many areas while still staying relatively affordable, integrating perfectly into certain home applications both aluminium and timber cannot. Namely: Bathrooms!

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Combining heat retention with water resistance

Opting to integrate uPVC windows for bathrooms works out to be a very sensible decision, especially once factoring their ability to balance the best of both worlds. Their multi-chambered internal frames lets heat be successfully trapped and therefore kept in the home, resulting in high levels of energy efficiency, improved comfort, and reduced bills.

Where uPVC differs from other options while doing this however, is in how they can deal with the increased build-up of moisture that comes about from shower and bath use. uPVC windows for bathrooms means opting for units capable of offering high levels of water resistance within a highly durable and easy to maintain material. Condensation will be non-existent and moisture successfully filtered.

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Readily accepting of obscured and textured glazing

Obviously when deciding which style and type of window to install into your bathroom, condensation isn’t the only topic to consider, but privacy too. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and safe when bathing after all, and it’s for this reason that uPVC windows can readily accept various types of obscured/textured glazing. The beauty is that natural light will still be able to shine through and illuminate the space while still maintaining discretion.

This practice also serves to let homeowners get truly creative with their UPVC windows for bathrooms, with textured glazing consisting of multiple patterns and colour possibilities that can help reinvent the entire mood of the space.

uPVC windows: The perfect bathroom option from DW Windows

We at DW Windows continue to help homeowners make the ideal choice for their property through the use of high quality windows and doors engineered using uPVC and aluminium. If you’d like to learn more about how uPVC windows can help improve your bathroom experience, feel free to contact us today for a free quote.

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