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A new year means a completely fresh slate of home improvement ideas to consider, and one of the biggest quandaries modern homeowners face is this: porch or no porch? Odds are you’ve considered adding one at some point or another, but are afraid to take the leap due to not knowing the advantages. If you’re one such homeowner dying to know the benefits of adding a porch to your home, we here at DW Windows are happy to offer up some guidance.

Extra storage for a better organised home

It should go without saying, but adding a porch to the home means being able to enjoy up to 7-and-a-half cubic metres of extra space without the need for costly planning permission or building regs. This can come in handy for all kinds of reasons. Most homeowners tend to use the area for somewhere to store coats, shoes, and other household items you take on/off when entering and leaving the home. Using a porch in this way means taking the clutter out of your home’s interior and storing it together in a way that is organised and sensible.

Of course, in the case of shoes, homeowners with kids will appreciate mud and dirt not being trodden throughout the rest of the home, instead being safely contained to the porch whenever the footwear popped off before entering the main door. This is just one of many examples proving how useful the extra space a porch introduces can be used.

A revitalised home front for increased kerb appeal and warmth

If you’ve lived in the same home for a while and are craving a change, you don’t have to change properties to enjoy an improved home aesthetic. A porch introduces a revitalised appearance to your outward facing housefront, acting as a stylish entrance oozing with a strong sense of sophistication and elegance that rips your home out of the last century’s fashion and plants it firmly into this one.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to customise your porch so that perfectly suits your home. From a composite or uPVC door, weather-protected rubber flat roofing or a tiled roof, to a range of different frame colours, porches installed by our team can be installed to fit a range of house styles. And if that wasn’t enough, porches also serve as an additional thermal barrier, effectively reducing drafts by acting as an airlock of sorts. Your home will not only look great, but be a lot warmer too – precious heat will have a far tougher time escaping.
Rosewood porch
Additional privacy and security wrapped into one

A porch is primarily constructed using three walls attached to the front of main property. This means three additional angles in which to enjoy a better sense of privacy and safety. Because while most porches naturally incorporate glass panels, the zone also acts as a buffer that enables the family to se who is at the door before opening up the porch. This includes deliverymen, which can use the porch as a safer space to leave parcels – as opposed to an awkward location outside the home.

Extra security comes alongside that increased privacy, largely because the area acts as yet another barrier between your home and any potential intruders. They’ll have to break through a total of two entrances, rather than just one. But multi-point locking being integrated in our uPVC or composite doors ensures they’ll never get that far. Porches maintain absolute peace of mind for the homeowner.

Porches that add extra value from DW Windows

With over a decade’s experience installing porches in and around the West Midlands, we at DW Windows are well-equipped to bring all the above-mentioned benefits to your home – as painlessly and quickly as possible. If you’d like to learn more, contact us for a free quote using the online form.

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