While casement windows have always been a popular choice for UK homes, learning about flush windows vs casement windows could help you make a better decision for your property. There’s no reason to always go with the crowd, especially when your home can be an extension of your personality and style. At DW Windows, we have a wide range of highly efficient, modern casement, sliding sash, tilt and turn, mock sash, and flush sash windows available. 

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Flush Sash Windows

Flush windows, also known as a flush sash or flush casement, are a specific casement window style. Unlike regular casements, these flush windows have a flat and neatly fitted frame, which creates a flat and flush aesthetic from profile to window. Meanwhile, typical casement windows have frames overlapping the profile slightly, creating a slightly bulkier look.

Here at DW Windows, our flush windows are made from top quality materials, like modern uPVC and bespoke double glazing. Flush windows can help any home stand out thanks to their subtle yet stylish, smooth design, especially with the help of our extensive colour options. Our flush windows are available in the Heritage colour collection, allowing you to choose from a broad range of classic and contemporary colours or woodgrain foils. 

You can even choose between energy efficient double or triple glazing for your flush windows. We have plenty of additional period hardware types like bars, handles, and hinges, so these flush windows can seamlessly join the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

Not only can our flush windows offer gorgeous sightlines and a huge range of styles, but they also come with multi point locking systems as standard. They can keep your home safe and secure without compromising or missing out on modern or heritage styles. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are in many ways similar to flush windows. Both of these windows are hinged on one side and can open via a swing arc, either left or right. They can be operated via a hand crank, or they are pushed and pulled open and closed. Furthermore, they can also be hinged at the top and can open in or out (although usually outwards).

Perhaps one of the best benefits that casement windows offer is their ability to come in a massive variety of configurations and hardware.

Flush Windows vs Casement for Energy Efficiency

The windows that we install are highly energy efficient, and our flush windows, in particular, can reach an A+ energy rating with low U-values. If you want to upgrade your home’s thermal performance, look no further than our casement or flush windows. By increasing your home’s ability to keep in the heat, you can stay warm throughout the year, even in the colder months, without needing to use as much energy. Our windows can be a worthwhile investment that could help reduce your energy bills year after year.

We have finance options available to help you spread the cost of your home improvements over 60 to 120 months. Find out more about our financing options here on our website.

Flush Windows vs Casement for Your Home

So, now you know more about flush windows vs casements, but which one is right for your home? Thanks to our extensive range of hardware options, vibrant colourways, and authentic woodgrain foils, our casement and flush windows can be customised to suit your unique style.

The flat and sleek look of flush windows can be the perfect choice for you if you’d like a seamless and easy to clean window. Because the window frame doesn’t have any overlap, there can be fewer nooks and crannies for dirt or dust to build up unnoticed. All it takes to clean them is warm, soapy water and a sponge or clean cloth. 

Additionally, flush windows offer equal sightlines that maximise viewing angles and kerb appeal. Our flush windows and casements have slimmer sightlines due to their contemporary uPVC profiles, but flush windows can offer just that little bit more if you wish to go all in on your home views and usage of natural light.

Flush Window Prices

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