Do you have a conservatory installed at your home? If so, is it the cosy and inviting area you wanted it to be? Lots of people are disappointed with the general ‘feel’ of their conservatory. Dated décor and poorly functioning entrance doors are common complaints. At DW Windows, we want to help you to make the most out of your conservatory. Here are eight must-try ideas for a contemporary conservatory makeover.

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1. Add a natural element

Conservatories are designed to let in an abundance of natural light. Obviously, plants thrive in these conditions. Bringing some nature indoors will create a lush natural area. The scent, look, and freshness of indoor plants is guaranteed to enhance your mood and create a vibrant living area.

2. Create warmth with carpets and soft furnishings

Many conservatories have ceramic tiled floors which can feel cold and clinical particularly in the Winter. Fitted plush deep pile carpet will provide warmth and make your conservatory feel more like an integral part of your home. If you want to try before you buy, a stylish rug will give the feel of a carpet without the permanence.

After DW white upvc conservatory3. White it out

White is possibly the most contemporary interior décor colour. Fitting white blinds, choosing white furniture, and painting any interior walls white will modernise and vitalise any conservatory.

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4. Laminate your floor

It feels like laminate flooring has been fashionable for ages. Its sustained popularity is due to its sleek look and durable, low maintenance finish. Create a minimalist Scandinavian look for your conservatory by installing quality laminate flooring.

5. Change your doors

Replacing your patio doors can have a huge impact on your conservatory. Swapping sliding doors for bifold doors or standard patio doors for French doors will create a new sense of space and modernity.

6. Upgrade your roof

Installing a tiled roof on your conservatory is a great makeover idea. A tiled conservatory roof will enhance thermal performance and give a more permanent feel to your conservatory. Have a look at our Equinox tiled roofs for the ultimate in replacement roof technology.

Woodgrain Victorian Conservatory - Meadow Lane Showroom7. Modernise your lighting

When the sun sets, does your conservatory feel unwelcoming because of a single source of lighting? Be creative and use a variety of lamps, spotlights, and coloured lighting to create atmosphere and ambience.

8. Create a beautiful view

Improve your interior by improving your exterior. The large glazed area of a conservatory demands a beautiful view to admire. Landscape your garden or add a water feature for an attractive aspect to appreciate.

If you’ve been inspired by our conservatory makeover ideas and you want to find out more about what DW Windows can offer; contact us today. Call us on 0800 999 0909 or send us a message online.

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