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Low maintenance, highly secure, and energy efficient, our bifold doors can be an excellent upgrade from an old slider of traditional swing arc doors. Unlike your typical door, these bifolding doors open via a concertina design, meaning their leaves fold into each other and can be pushed to the side for a massive, clear entrance.

While traditionally used for patio or garden entrances, our aluminium and uPVC bifold doors can help split a larger room into two or lead to an outside area. We can install internal and external doors! Beyond our bifolds, we also have patio sliders, French doors, and a series of window styles to match, meaning you won’t need to go anywhere else for any home improvement project in Wolverhampton or across the West Midlands.

Let vasts amounts of sunlight in
Impressive opening aperture
Highly secure and energy efficient
Available in many colours
Easy to use – ideal for whole family
Orangery with Bifold doors

Professionally Fitted Bifold Doors

With years of experience fitting and installing windows and doors, as well as more home improvements in the Wolverhampton and wider West Midlands area, DW Windows only offers top-of-the-range bifold doors to our customers. Designed to be low maintenance and long lasting, each of our doors can be a wise investment.

Both of the double glazed bifold doors we install have incredibly slim sightlines, which means that they can flood your home with great amounts of natural light, even when closed. Additionally, the distance between each door leaf is very thin, meaning that when they fold together, they take up even less space.  Whether open or shut, you can expect excellent views through the crystal clear glazing.

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White upvc bifold door exterior

Energy Efficient Bifold Doors

Not only do we have uPVC and aluminium frame options available, but we also have double and triple glazing so you can choose the optimal sound resistance and thermal insulation you need. Double glazing can provide excellent energy efficiency with low U-values that allow our doors to retain lots of heat. Triple glazing takes the concept even further at the cost of a slightly higher price point, as well as heavier doors. 

Compared to single glazed doors, our double glazing bifolds can retain almost twice as much heat! You can start saving on your energy bills and even improve your carbon footprint when you upgrade with DW Windows. 

Bi-folds vs French doors – which ones should you choose?
Aluminium Bifold doors in the West Midlands

Customisable Range

Our uPVC variant is highly energy efficient and is available in a wide range of colours, including woodgrain foils. Meanwhile, the aluminium version offers the peak in strength and durability, while also coming in a range of long-lasting RAL colours. Even after years of exposure to harsh weather conditions, come rain or shine the colours can remain bright and cheerful without scratching or fading. 

Both types of bifold doors are available from 3 to 7 door leaves, making us suitable for big or small projects. We have customisable door furniture, too, so you can get the best finishing touch to match your other doors and windows. 

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Safe & Secure Design

Every bifold door installation we perform has security at the forefront. While there is more glazing in a bifold compared to other door types, they still have powerful security features designed to keep your Wolverhampton home safe, from multi-point locks to the toughened double glazing we use across all our ranges. The frames are capable of resisting attempts at bending or prying, and the internal hardware features and internally beaded glazing help to prevent unwanted external access. 

Keep your property safe and upgrade today with DW Windows.

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Bifold doors in the West Midlands
Bifold doors in Wolverhampton

Bifold Doors Wolverhampton Prices

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